Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The first of many, many goodbyes

Time is moving quickly now. It seems that daily we are tying up loose ends and saying the beginning of many "see you soons". And it is not just people we are saying goodbye too...This weekend we sold one car and we already got rid of our home phone. Does anyone else out there get sentimental about stupid things like a phone number??

However, in these times of bittersweet...there are magical moments too! My friend asked us to stop by the other night. She had a gift for us...It was a snapfish digital book where she had solicited photos and letters from many of our family and friends. Facebook even froze her account for spamming!

I was so overwhelmed with emotion! First of all, that someone would go to all of that effort and time for us! Second, because of all the wonderful sentiments that our friends sent in.
The book is filled with pages and pages of memories and kind thoughts about our family. I was so taken back of how my children have influenced so many people. It really choked me up. It was a bit like being at your own funeral...hearing what people really think about you.
This weekend we will be having our going away open house. We may have 5 people or 105 people. Nevertheless, this book has empty pages at the end so that our friends can write in it for us.

I am so grateful for this book, and for the friend who made it for me.

I know it will help my family and I be buoyed up when we are homesick.

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tammy said...

I still gace back at my photo album when I am down...It'll be a cheery remembrance of the friends and family who adore you!!!