Sunday, August 21, 2011

International Grocery Shopping

Not quite sure why some photos are uploading teeny tiny....
For the past three weeks I have been doing my grocery shopping at Bonjour (there is not one French thing about it, don't be fooled like I was:) Bonjour is a Chinese grocery store. It is a 15 minute walk over second ring road, you cross a bridge. It is a little cumbersome when carrying cans and eggs.

Today I found a Jenny Lou's/Wang's (they are in the middle of changing their name). It is an international grocery store that has some things that the Chinese grocery stores just don't have. You do have to pay for those luxuries of course. It is also a 15 minute walk in the other direction. Above is what I purchased. The total was 367.00 yuan, which is about $57.00

I am not even close to becoming a grocery shopping expert yet, it definitely requires skill and know-how. I still buy my fruits and vegetables at the store because I am too bad at mandarin still to bargain at a "wet market". One day at a time.
I do miss hopping in my mini-van and driving off to Costco though.

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