Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My last post in America!

This is NOT the literary final post I wanted to make! I am in Chicago O'Hare Airport on a layover with a low battery and no sign of a free outlet anywhere!

I have to say I am pretty tired of goodbyes! And guess what they showed on our flight? The finale to THE OFFICE where Michael has the same exact feelings I have and says goodbye to the staff! Then I finally ended the UGLY BETTY series (a major thing that has gotten me through the last month) and she leaves NYC to go to London~ sorry if that is a spoiler for you, but come on the series is like four years old (I am always late to the party)!

Leaving my parents was one of the hardest things about this move. They are such giving people and I feel such a sense of gratitude to them. As a matter of fact, I have so much gratitude to everyone who has texted, stopped by, Facebooked me, called and emailed me. I feel so loved! Thank YOU!

Since it is very iffy about the status of my blog in China, I will say goodbye yet one more time! I look forward to my next post at Christmastime when I come back for a visit!



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