Friday, May 4, 2012

Nine months baby!

This week was my nine month anniversary in Beijing! 
I thought I'd just share a few random 
thoughts with you to celebrate.
Wife of the Year
This picture was taken last Thursday night at Da Dong. The reason I said "wife of the year" in the caption is that I had been sick in bed for two days but had committed to going to a dinner for hubby's work. By 3:00 I still did not know how I was going to make it, but I got up and showered and got dressed up. I walked, in the RAIN, to the subway and took the subway to a reception. Usually these things are really, really boring so I was happy to find a nice lady to talk to about the art of bargaining in Beijing. She was just visiting and wanted to shop. Later I found out that she was the wife of the president of the association of which this reception was for. I am a good schmoozer. We then took a taxi to the above restaurant which is highly acclaimed and very yummy! Notice the leaf placemat and napkin ring.

So, I don't think I need to do a big old update of my last nine months here considering I update A LOT. But I do think it is freaky that it has been an entire pregnancy that we've lived here!

I want to thank those of you who have stumbled upon my blog, for whatever reasons, and continued to read. I love getting emails from people I've never met, saying that my blog post has helped them or validated them in some way. YAY! That is the main reason I write this blog (oh, and to update family and friends back home too). I used to gauge how many readers I had based on the amount of comments I receive....depressing! I don't think the readers are big on commenting BUT they are big on emailing me which makes me giddy with excitement! So keep them coming! I've received emails from all over the world with questions and comments and compliments. I am truly grateful that this crazy adventure is interesting to someone!

On that same note...I was not very happy when Blogger updated their format....until I found the stats page! Holy cow! I can track how many people reading my blog daily, what posts they read, and where they linked from. It even tells me what type of computer they are on. Cool for me, kinda creepy for you! It tickles me to know that someone in the Netherlands reads my blog! If you are with Blogger I highly recommend checking out your stats!

The last nine months have been filled with smiles and tears, laughter and tantrums (mostly me), rickshaws and walking shoes, tones and characters, joy and frustration, bus rides and plane rides, weight gained and weight lost, friends and acquaintances and lots and lots of gong bao jiding! (kung pao chicken)

Here is to the next six weeks when we go here, here and HERE!

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Laura said...

You are wife of the year EVERY YEAR and don't you forget it my friend!!