Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pajama Breakfast Party

Before my blog became an "everything about moving and living in China blog" it used to be a creative blog designed for me to be inspired by others and to inspire. "BC" (before China) I was happiest when I hosted functions and social events at my house. In China it has been difficult to carry this out, but this weekend I hosted a Pajama Breakfast Party for teenage girls from church.

I bought inexpensive eye masks and used hand-written tags with the information.

peach, orange and apple juice
watermelon and pineapple
chocolate chip pancakes

"The early bird Catches the Worm" 
with a scripture from Doctrine and Covenants 88:124 
“…cease to sleep longer than is needful;
retire to thy bed early,
that ye may not be weary;
arise early, that your bodies and
your minds may be invigorated.”

 Of course it was attached to gummy worms.

Besides eating and chatting I thought it would be fun for them to make pillowcases with a reminder to say their morning and nighttime prayers. Each girl chose her own color pillowcase and decorated it.

I gave a prize for cutest pajamas and best bed head. The prizes were loofahs and invigorating body wash.

It was a fun activity and it was fun to finally host something here at our apartment!


lynne said...

you are such a fun hostess, jen! i love those ideas. filing them away for future yw slumber party plans!!

lynne said...

i think my previous comment just got lost? anyway what i said is that you are an awesome hostess and i love those cute ideas!! i bet the girls had so much fun. xo

kellie said...

I am going to have to host one of these for the girls. Sara is very lonely and missing all her friends down south, and doesn't have contact info for anyone up here. Maybe I will send out an invite to the YW girls! Thanks for the idea.