Wednesday, May 30, 2012

US Shopping List- Toiletries

A big question when moving to China is "what should I bring from home?" This question is as individual as each person, but here is my evolving US bathroom inventory. These items are either things we brought originally and run out of or they are items we have realized we prefer from home. It is important to mention that some of these items cannot be found here, but the ones that can be are either too expensive or the quality is not to our liking. 
The ones marked * are an absolute MUST.

All expats shop in the US but many of my friends have found that TaoBao and work well. Also, we have lucky friends here with the US government that can receive shipping from US companies! For me, this is how we roll....and pray our suitcases aren't over in weight.

Up next: US Shopping List- Kitchen & Misc!

Band Aids
Benedryal oral
Benedryal stick* 
Day Quil
Night Quil
Tylenol PM
Pepto liquid
Pepto tablet
deoderant (men)*
deoderant (women)*
deoderant (certain dri)
Icy Hot
Vicks Vapo Rub
Antifungal foot cream
Hand Sanitizer
Allergy Tablets
Allergy oral kids
cough drops
vaginal cream
Itch Relief Cream
Calamine Lotion
Swimmer Ear
Scented Candles*
Chap Stick*
Facial Scrub (Apricot)*
Face moisturizer
face powder *
eye liner 
Rose Salve*
Nail polish Remover pads
Aloe Vera Gel

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