Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chengdu Highlights~ China

This is my final post of our spring break trip to Chengdu, China. We went to Chengdu to see the pandas and found so much more!
Here are some highlights from our week!

We usually stay at Marriott's since hubby has points with them, but this time we stayed at a Chinese hotel called Chengdu Comfort. It was clean and affordable enough to get two rooms. The location was good. Drawbacks were only chinese food (not the good kind) and only Chinese TV.

Those in my family who eat rice were thrilled at how the Sichuan Province serves rice, in a bucket!

These servers at a Hot Pot restaurant were so cute!
They laughed at our chinese so much. They don't see many foreigners in this area of Chengdu.
At our Hot Pot dinner I thought I ordered lotus roots and I ordered pig stomach!
Hubby was the only to try it. Yuck!

Fun shopping. It became a quest to find these particular popsicles. The kids checked every single ice cream chest on our entire trip. Do you know how frequent ice cream chests are? Very! Not one was found. We concluded they just don't have them in this part of China. Hey, whatever engages the kiddos right?

It seems like whenever we go on vacation; whether it be So Cal, Hawaii, Yangshuo or Thailand we run into someone we know. Most of the time it is people from the kids school. Chengdu was no different. Here is E with one of her favorite high school teachers. Fun!

Cute little twins!
Jin Li Street in downtown Chengdu. Very old and very quaint.

We had a lot of fun walking through the scenic Jin Li Street.
There are many shops,  snack stands and restaurants to check out.

Good Luck!
We stayed about one day too long, but found TainFu Square,
where Chairman Mao stands watching over. 
We thought it might be fun to spend a day at the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum. It was in dire need of repair and updating, but had lots of hands on activities. We all had fun.

Anywhere that has aviation my boy is happy!
One of the highlights of our whole trip was this sweet kid who latched himself onto us at the museum. Apparently his parents were working on this national holiday and they dropped him off at the museum for the day. He was so cute and funny! We spent the whole day with him.
One thing I miss about the US is quality eateries in touristy type places. This snack bar was the only food at the museum. Chips and Ramen Noodle boxes were it and we were hungry!

Hubby was at it again eating a disgusting egg!
 Sometime I will post the video I took of him eating it. Hilarious!
This very hip and happening alley was right next to our hotel.
These restaurants were packed at night.

 We had a great time in Chengdu and recommend it for anyone traveling to China!


Karen said...

Loved the photos Jen. What an amazing trip. You are so incredibly lucky and Emma and Dayton will have memories to last a lifetime. Thanks again for sharing x

Lindzie said...

So hilarious about the kid that hung with you at the museum! You are such a friendly family I bet he felt right at home with you!