Monday, April 29, 2013

Picture Catch-Up

Life has been busy! Here are a few shots from the last couple of weeks. 

Hubby and D went to Shanghai for the weekend to watch the Formula One race. I hear it was loud, high adrenaline and a blast!
He was supporting the Mercedes team

At the Bund in Shanghai

Dad of the Year Award!

Dang, he is cute!
I have been working hard on my health!
Why do I sweat so much more than everyone else!
(Rhetorical Question)

Awesome full moon on a clear night

Yay for Spring!

Oh, the smell of Lilacs! Makes me miss my home in No Cal...
My amazing friend and Mandarin teacher met me for lunch and introduced me to a few new dishes.
Tofu and some green, leafy yumminess

I honestly cannot give up these little babies. One thing I will truly miss!

Flip-flop weather!

Hosting a conference call, driving a stick shift, drinking a soda IN BEIJING TRAFFIC
(apparently with his eyes closed). Heaven help us!

The new mom-mobile!

Need some dishes? How about getting them from the back of a cart?

Jupi, hubby and D (on his ripstick) strolling down 2nd Ring Rd.
I am super irritated about the guard railing they just put up. It serves no purpose and makes it SO difficult as Chinese people rarely move over. See those yellow bricks to the left...they are for the visually impaired and nobody wants to walk on them. Stupid guard rails that serve no purpose and make my life inconvenient!
Last remainder of the Beijing City dusk.
 So beautiful!

Family fun time!

Come visit us on Behind The Refrigerator Door this week! 
We are talking about stress...

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