Friday, April 26, 2013

Follow Me on Facebook~ Behind The Refrigerator Door

Not too many things in life are one's address;) But I have found that the need to be healthy is something that everyone, everywhere should be doing. For a lot, like me, focusing on being healthy has had it's ups and downs. It is all chronicled on my other blog: Behind The Refrigerator Door.

I do not have multiple personalities, it is the same Jen over there as is here on TimeOutForMe, although that gets a little more personal. I definitely "let it all hang out".

Someday my two blogs may merge, but for now, you are invited to follow the Behind The Refrigerator Door Facebook Page. This is NOT a place for me to blab all the time. It is a place where WE can all share and feel validated about our successes and temporary set-backs on our road to good health! I hope you will join us!

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