Monday, May 6, 2013

This Week In Pictures

 What a fun week we had! 
Hubby had previously been working around the clock, but things seemed to lighten up just in time for the Chinese Holiday on May first.  He was able to take Mon - Wed off and we had a great time together. Then the kids got Wed off.

On Monday we went with friends to a fancy restaurant called Maison Boloud, right at Tiananmen Square. Boy was it a treat! The chef greeted us at our table and dropped off these yummy Gruyere Puffs. That wasn't the only surprise we didn't order! As a matter of fact we got more "extra" treats than what we ordered.
A little puff cloud filled with Gruyere cheese.

I cannot explain how much these people mean to us!

Tasty hors d'oeuvres we did not order. Smoked salmon and spinach quiches.
The hors d'oeuvres we did order. Mackerel with an assortment of mustards.

My amazing Caesar Salad.

My entreè; bread crumbs with salted cod baked with quail egg and tomato on top.

Hubby's entreè; lamb

Hubby's dessert; peanut butter and chocolate...SO GOOD!

My dessert; lemon tarte
Pal's dessert; crème brulee

A surprise assortment of caramels, nougat and delicate macarons. 
I have never been to a restaurant where I felt so pampered and every single thing I put in my mouth was absolutely delightful. So grateful for this special day!

Despite our huge meal above I finally felt comfortable to go to the tailor and get a Chinese style dress made. 
I have waited a long time to feel small enough to go and do this.

That plum fabric is what I chose. I also got a temple dress made.
That is the tailor who is making the dresses.

While I was getting fitted, Hubby decided to browse the silk scarves for Jupiter! Yes, he thought to buy one to carry him in while hiking the Great Wall....don't ask!
More French food!
We found this small cafe near our house that allows dogs! 
Shanghainese style dumplings
We never get tired of the cute ladies making the jiao zi. This type has solid soup inside, then when they are steamed the soup melts and fills the dumpling. SO GOOD!

A dent in the wall near our house.

Pork organs cooked and sold on the street. No thanks!
Check out the guy chopping right there.
On May Day we packed up the kids in the car and headed out to Mutianyu at the Great Wall to ride the toboggan. On the way there is a huge sculpture of fruit in a walnut marking a fruit farm.
Gigantic fruit. Despite excellent directions we still got lost.
 I recommend always paying the very fair price to hire a driver for the day.

We finally made it! The boy and I on the chair lift up to the wall.
Did you know you can get Subway at the Great Wall? Good to know!
The view of part of the toboggan track from the chair lift.

Our entire family at the Great Wall Mutianyu

Jupiter just wanted to hang out in the shade.

We were all getting a bit tired of taking pictures.

I always used to make fun of people who treat their dumb dogs like babies! 
Yes, apparently dogs are allowed on the toboggan!

He liked it, we think!

One of the things I will really miss about Beijing is the fact that people really don't care what other people think. There is not the competitive desire to look or be perfect. So refreshing! For example, this woman below with an array of loud prints and all complete with platform tennies.

Rumor has it that jay walking is being enforced now. Not quite sure what missy below is going to do with her "Britney Spears headset". 

Watching for jay walkers.
Too bad these blooms only lasted a week. 
That is our apartment building in the background.

Cute kid!

Less than seven weeks until we come home...
Starting to miss Beijing already!


Jill M. Giles said...

Ok, several things I just HAVE to comment on. First, were also happy to find that Subway, but it ended up being one of our most expensive meals in China! :) Second, I miss that too--no one CARES what you wear. Love that. Third, you have a dog baby! Ha ha ha! I have said the same thing about people with dog babies! I guess I should be careful since it looks like anyone could end up being one of "those" people. :)

Lily said...

Wow! You are leaving Beijing soon! Enjoy Beijing to the fullest! Since I am from Asia, I dont miss Beijing too much, but I miss people there! I guess they are all coming back to the US now. hehe.

Liz R. said...


Carissa said...

Love all the pictures! I can't believe this adventure is almost over. Enjoy every last minute.