Friday, May 24, 2013

Two Weeks In Pictures

I have tried to stop the count down until we move. Can you believe it? I am trying to stop time so I won't have to leave? Who would've thought? Sure, I am excited to start our next chapter in LA and thrilled to see family and friends. . . but our adventure here in Beijing has been amazing and there are just experiences we won't have after we leave. I hope these "week in pictures" posts have helped you to get a bit of a glimpse into our lives here.
Three Weeks From Today!

Lunch at the top of China World 3, aka Guomao.
It is the tallest building in Beijing, for now.

Our view from the top of China World 3.
We were lucky to pick a clear(ish) day!

One of the shared desserts at our sky-high lunch.
What I do on the treadmill to make sure I can have the above treats every now and then.

Lunch Date with Hubby at 798 District.

This lobelia made me miss my mom and my own backyard.

Cool doors in the 798 District.

Pals from church stuffing pillows for a migrant school.

We made and stuffed over 100 pillows for the school, along with 100 blankets.

Super cute kid with a super huge pizza pie! Kro's Nest Beijing.

E and her BFF!

Checking out cars...keep dreaming!

Last week eggs, this week homemade syrup.

Cool car at the gym aka City Wall Marriott.

These are the amazing women who have kept me sane through this Beijing experience!
Especially the one behind the camera!

We had the amazing blessing of meeting and listening to Elder Neil L Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Click here for more info on who he is and why this was so special to us.

My adorable hubby. I love him in a suit:)

We have a Yoshinoya AND Dairy Queen in our church building. We don't go there on Sundays so when this special meeting was on Tuesday night, needless to say DQ was filled with Mormons! 

This is the park that I take Jupiter every day. I love seeing so many generations gathered. The white haired man in the back is there every afternoon doing Tai Chi. He is one of my many "friends" that I see daily but never speak to...just smile. 

A blingy Jeep. Besides all the gold trim the license plate frame was bedazzled. 

Date night with the boy. He and I both love these macarons. 

E just completed her first year of seminary where she called in and studied the Old Testament with a teacher and a class from 6am -7am every day before school. Good job E!

D performed as The Monkey King in their very own version of the famous Peking Opera.
Very impressive. 

Upside Down Pineapple Cupcakes!

As always, thanks for reading!

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