Sunday, May 12, 2013

This Week In Pictures

Taking each day at a time, as our days are dwindling. 
The Peonies are in bloom at RiTan Park!

E and her sweet friend (who happened to be born in MY hometown) prepping for their church leader's baby shower.

New Tom's for Spring!

Minor procedure involving getting some moles removed. They put him completely out.

Will this be the last time we see her play? I sure hope not!

Wangjing Soho is going to be quite amazing! Read more about this billionaire Chinese woman here.
You may remember me posting a pic of Galaxy Soho here

Jupiter with his Vet. First exam to get him back to the US. Two more to go!

Ahhhh! California weather! Hooray!

We had been patiently waiting for D to tell us when he was going to get his hair cut.
 Mother's Day Bouquet!

Getting ready for a baby shower:)

Cooking lessons: fried egg 101

Late night fruit buying outside our building.

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lindzie said...

You look like a veteran buying the fruit! Bet you got a good price! Love the pics.....funny about mark's hospital visit!