Monday, February 11, 2008

Handmade Gift Idea

A good friend of mine wanted to fill an embellished paint can for her child's teacher.
The inspiration was ladybugs ( a favorite of the teacher).
I spent the day with her and this is what we did.

There are so many great ideas of what to fill these paint cans with:

  • teacher: essentials for her desk (cough drops, breath mints, cold medicine, etc.)
  • baby shower: pacifier, onesie, bottles, etc.
  • friends: book, bookmark, tea, mug, stationery
  • kids birthday: art supplies, t-shirt, small games

We picked up the paint can at Home Depot. Don't forget to attach a metal paint can opener (with ribbon). The quart size cans DO NOT have the metal handle, only the gallon size does.

have fun!


Carrie said...

very cute! what did you use to glue the paper on that holds it well?

Our Family said...

I love these! I was wondering about getting the paper to stick too. -Jennie

Jen said...

We used Mod Podge just on the back of the paper, but regular white glue would work too.

lynne said...

what a great idea! so, so thoughtful.

Tammy said...

Too cute!!!!

Natasha Burns said...

fabulous idea Jen! Thanks for sharing! Thanks also for entering my giveaway, good luck!

Laura said...

Jen you're amazing! They are too cute!