Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Weekend!

hyde park, London, England
  • major road rash on child's forehead (see last post of D on scooter)
  • "aaaachooooooo!", "bless you"
  • dirt under fingernails
  • white hairy legs that should stay hidden, but want to see sun

answer- Spring is here!


Unknown said...

do you think the warm weather is here to stay? i bet it gets cold again one more time.

Marcia said...

My swap partner was Jennie from Tracy CA, so I thought it was you. They never posted any other information. Sorry. I still love your blog though.

Natasha Burns said...

Happy Spring! It was the first day of Autumn here, so sad! I'll be living through you ladies and your spring while it gets cold and miserable here! But we have a lovely week ahead though...!

tammy said...

I can totally identify with your comments on spring. Welcome Spring!!!