Tuesday, February 12, 2008

tween room #6 - closet = really done!

I could not live with such a beautiful, new room for E. and have her closet such a mess! She is really lucky to have an enormous walk-in closet, but more room = more mess. The biggest problem was that her folded clothes never fit in her hand-me-down baby dresser. She was also using baby hangers so many of her clothes would fall off onto the floor. UGH!

First I removed all the furniture that was not working (the dresser, my old hamper, a cardboard drawer set). Then I went to Target and bought the wire shelves (on sale for $12.99) and bins ($6.49 each). I made tags for each bin labeled :
  1. socks
  2. "lingerie" - I prefered undies, but she wanted lingerie. sigh
  3. p.j.'s
  4. shorts
  5. pants
  6. tee shirts
  7. long sleeves
I also bought adult sized hangers in black.
She really has no excuse to be unorganized now!

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Stephanie said...

The closet looks great! E is probably very happy. I also love the desk. What a wonderful place to do homework. She is a very lucky girl! Steph