Monday, August 25, 2008

Let's go Giants! Let's go!

One of my favorite things about living in the Bay Area is going to San Francisco!
AT&T Park is so beautiful and Saturday a group of us went for a great game!

Here was our view from our seats. Final score- Giants 4, Padres 3 Woohoo!

Since hubby had to work, E got to bring a friend. They had a blast!

~E & C coming out of the GIANT Coke Bottle slide~

~D made his own entertainment with his GIANT jaw breaker~

Our GIANT group! My parents, sisters, brother, nieces, kids and friends!

A tradition in our family is to go to a great ice cream parlor in Oakland called Fentons Creamery. We all resisted the temptation at the ballpark and saved room for ice cream!

Is anyone out there getting tired of all of my food posts!


Jan said...

Way fun and the ice cream looks divine. Way to work the camera girls.

Tammy said...

I could never get tired of food posts...although I am very sad as I am a Padres fan!!! Boo hoo!!!

blueladybug said...

Wow! I have not been to Fentons since high school. What a great place!

Jan said...

Mattie and I laughed out loud over your comment. She asked me if I told you about Mattie wanting to shave her legs. I said no. And she said, see that is normal to want to shave in 5th grade. What are you going to do Jen? Let her or not.

Poetry of Life said...

Looks like fun! It's one of our favorite places too!

SuzanSayz said...

Hi Jenn, My name is Susan Sorenson and I saw your latest comment on Jan's blog. I hope you won't mind too much my sharing this with you, it just really touched a nerve. My youngest daughter Courtney is a beautiful 20 year old now. When she was only six the hair on her legs started to grow noticably. I didn't think she even gave it any thought. One Sunday just after she turned 7 as I was asking her why she wasn't ready yet, she started to cry. It turns out that some of the boys in her Primary class had started noticing her hairy legs and were making teasing little comments to her. I immediatly took her into my bathroom and showed her as well as helped her to shave her legs. While I was doing it all I could think was "She's only 7" Well I don't think anything that entire year could have made her happier than to have those legs shaved. My sister who is one of those members that loves to play the "Who's the Better Mormon Game" realized that I let Courtney shave her legs at 7. She was horrified and self righteously informed me that her girls had to wait until at least thirteen. At the time her oldest Alicia was almost 10 and that poor kid had even hairier legs than Courtney. I felt so sad for her. She had been begging her mom to please allow her to shave her legs. Here is my way of looking at it. Kids have so many things that beat down their self esteem, especially girls. I think it would be so sad to tell a little girl with hairy legs that she has to keep them that way until a certain age. I don't think it's worth the damage it will do to their body image and self esteem, to stick with convention and make them wait. I hope I haven't been too forward. I just hate to see girls now a days learning to hate their looks at younger and younger ages. I would love to be blogging buddies if you are so inclined.