Saturday, August 2, 2008

Let's go to Greece!

So, I FINALLY was able to go see the movie Mamma Mia today! Woohoo! I had been trying for two weeks but it just never worked out. I was expecting it to be fun, it sure was! I have fond memories of dancing in the aisles in London, seeing the musical. This was no different.

Movie Review Disclaimer:I go to movies purely for entertainment. I NEVER go to be philosophically moved and I hate violence or tragedy. Many years ago I made a rule of thumb that I do not see movies where more than two people get killed. Two characters dying could be romantic (think Romeo & Juliet) but more than that is disturbing to me. I also do not see rated R films.

My favorite movies are visually pleasing. I look at everything very closely - wardrobe, decor, set design- think of The Holiday and Miracle On 34th Street.

Below are some reasons I liked Mamma Mia~enough to overshadow some questionable singers and some risque innuendos~

The above picture is the main reason I adored this movie. Almost in every scene the trio of aqua, pink and white showed up. I also loved Sophie's wedding dress and flower tiara.

In this scene I really didn't hear a word the actors said. I was too busy studying that couch and the wall treatment. I am now wanting to paint my bonus room aqua!

Each and every time they showed the sparkling sea I practically gasped! I would LOVE to spend a week at "Villa Donna".

I adored Amanda Seyfried as Sophie. She was innocent, adorable and sparkly! Perfect!

It did not hurt that Dominic Cooper had one great set of abs! I am always a sucker for a leading man with a nice body and English accent.

So, if you are in the mood to sing (E actually got upset that I was bebopping in my seat and hooting aloud )and to look at a visually pretty display, go check it out!


Jan said...

You put up some very inticing pictures. I will go and check this movie out. I am sure I will be dancing in the isles.

Lizzie said...

i love that movie!!!

Our Family said...

We should go to movies together, we have the exact same philosophy. Needless to say, unless there is Jason Bourne movie or Jeremy is willing to go to a chick flick, we never go to the movies! Although since I had Lauren, that has been my special escape. Every once in a while on a Saturday morning, I will head out to the movies all by myself (it started with the Devil Wears Prada). I really hope to catch this one too!