Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ups and Downs

Do you ever have weeks where you are so up and down that it throws you off balance? Well, that is how my week has been! Hence the reason there have been 0 posts and 0 workouts~see sidebar. Yikes!
So here are some reasons why I have been all over the place this past week.


This is my new "ride". Everyone in our family had a bike and now I do too! I, honestly, had not been on a bike in years and there is not anything like the wind rushing through your hair. I felt 12 again!

~Down ~

When my great friend introduced me to blogging about a year ago, there was one blog that I have checked almost everyday since. She has been on my blog roll (NieNie Dialogues) since day one and has always inspired me with her Spirit, creativity, joy for life and her lovely family. Her posts are so intimate (especially her love letters to her husband) that I really feel like I know her.

Monday night that same great friend (that introduced me to blogging) also told me that our dear NieNie was in a plane crash with her husband. I think of them every single day. It really reminds us that every second is special. If you would like to read more about her progress, see here, here and here. I, in no way, want to trivialize the incident above. None of the "ups" have overshadowed the sadness I feel for that sweet family. But I know that Heavenly Father loves them, and us. I know our Savior, Jesus Christ, is comforting them and their family and that He has a plan for them.


Hubby and I went out for an anniversary dinner. Two words...chocolate fondue. :)


Unfortunately, that is the last time I have really seen hubby. He has been getting home very, very late (even staying near work one night). We have plans to go to the Giants game this Saturday and he informed me he will be working and will try to make it.


A good friend came into town this week. She and her two kids stayed with us. It was nice to have some slumber parties. Great friends are...well, great! She and I both really, really enjoy chocolate.

I found these little treasures and they are really good. (are you beginning to see a pattern that my ups often have to do with food?) And only 150 calories! That is if you only eat one of the two AND do not add ice cream to it.


I have a pile of unfolded laundry sitting in my bathroom that is equivalent to a small mountain. I have been sidetracked and procrastinated. My dirty little secret is haunting me! (maybe I should get off the computer and fold it!)


I finished painting my very large bonus room aqua! Here is a little sneak peak of the color. I don't really want to post an after picture until the paneling is up...BUT who knows when that will be ? (see "down" #2 above)

I know we all have weeks like these. Sometimes we can roll with them, other times not so much! Thanks for listening and I hope your roller coaster is a lot less "loopy" than mine!


Jan said...

Very clever post Jen. I love the new color on the wall very much. And that new bike is darling. I know we can have roller coaster times, but we usually even out before the ride comes to a complete halt. Hang on, it will level.

Rachael Hutchings said...

Oh chocolate! Of course your ups are food related! I can totally relate to that.

Unknown said...

i love you, jen. (and your room looks lovely)

tammy said...

We all have ups and downs...even in the hubby department. With the selling of the store he is already driving me crazy and the signs are not even up yet. UGH!!!! Hang int here my friend and have a great time at the game!!!

Carissa said...

What a week! You're a trouper. I love the aqua walls, hopefully I'll get to see them in person soon. I hope this next week is better for you, and involves a bit more face time with the husband.