Wednesday, November 5, 2008

aches and pains

Things I knew to be true:

36 is not old!

you are only as old as you feel

sometimes you sacrifice for beauty

shoes are the ultimate accessory, so the more you have the better
But then...I started having foot pain daily and it hurt the second I got out of bed! I would think, "why do my feet hurt when I have been laying down all night?"

It finally dawned on me...all those "cute" shoes are also "cheap" and it ain't working for me anymore. When I say cheap I really mean cheap, we are talking $20 or less. I kinda thought, "why spend more if you don't have to?" Now I know.

So I bought these from here. Now, these are not the high end shoes that I wish I could buy, but oh my! They are so comfortable! And since my primary job is stay-at-home-mom they will be perfect with all my casual clothes.


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

That is great you got some comfy shoes! Good for you :) Hugs!

melissa said...

Jen~I think they are super cute and if they're comfy to boot, you've got a perfect pair of shoes there. You deserve them :)

♪Emmy♪ said...

i ♥ those!!! they so cute!!!

Tori said...

Love 'em, very cute!!

Jan said...

Love them Jen. I hope they suit you well. I think I might have to splurge and get some too.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

P.S. I just signed up to follow your blog I love it :)

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

P.S. I just signed up to follow your blog I love it :)

Erin said...

Those shoes are way cute, and if they make your feet feel good, even better!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I noticed your great photo holding signs about Prop. 8. Thank you so much for your sacrifice that day. I hope you have seen this positive youtube video about the great Californians who worked so hard and sacrificed much, in many cases, to push it through.
Thanks again!