Monday, November 10, 2008

say it ain't so!

What is about this Twilight thing??
What is it that will make a thirty six year old, grown woman act like she did when she was thirteen?
What is that makes me buy a poster for my garage, two shirts, a soundtrack and two sets of pre-movie tickets?
What is that makes me make my hubby work from home to take care of the kids so that I can "camp out" to meet Edward a.k.a. Rob Pattinson?
I am a total control freak when it comes to details. So, after I decided to do this (it took 1.3 seconds to decide) I began plotting and planning how this event would go down. Here is an exciting play-by-play...
10/9 8:13 PM- My partner-in-crime arrived at my house.
10/10 2:17 AM- My alarm went off.
2:47 AM- Left the house.
4:18 AM- Arrived at destination. About 250 Twilighters had beat us there. Some were making an unofficial number system to keep things safe and orderly. We were #248 & 249. Perfect there were only to be 500 writsbands that will guarantee us into the meet & greet. Even if everyone got 2 wristbands we would still be okay.
4:45 AM - Moved my car in fear of getting towed.
5:00- 5:59 AM- Utter chaos. Will they honor the unofficial number system or will it be a free-for-all?
6:00 AM- RUNNING STAMPEDE! We are allowed on mall property, everyone dashes for the mall doors. So glad my daughter is not with me!
6:01 AM - Sardines packed is the only thing on my mind.

6:25 AM- Sun begins to rise.
7:00 AM- News helicopters begin to hover. We are about 12 feet from mall doors. They announce the beginning of order. Soon they will be taking 20 in at a time to purchase shirt and wristband. The end is near...we had no idea how true this statement would be!

7:37 AM- Pushing. SF police begin to show up.

8:00 AM- "The event is cancelled!" As we at the front are hurded out by police, we find the line is completely wrapped around the mall. Is it really cancelled? Well, if it is true we have lost our incredible place. Nobody is believeing the police.

8:10 AM- Police line goes up.

8:30 AM- We are still smiling. Bummed and disappointed but smiling.

8:50- Public spokeswoman from Hot Topic announces to cooperate with police and to go home!

9:00- On freeway headed to Pacifica for breakfast and a planning session. What to do?

9:30- Headed back to mall to access situation.

9:45 AM- Crowd has mostly dispursed outside of the mall. What? The mall doors are open? They said they would not open the mall until 10:00 AM. Is there hope?

9:47 AM- Major line inside mall starting at Hot Topic and going all the way down the mall aisle.

9:52 AM- Confirmed that event is cancelled for the day. The tour tee shirts will not be for sale. These people are just waiting for Twilight products. (which I already have plenty of)

9:53 AM- Decision made to go home. It is not meant to be!
10:12 AM- Minor detour off of freeway for impromptu shopping trip to IKEA. The day is not wasted afterall. But I din't buy one thing which proves I was a little depressed. :(
11:50 AM- Back at home. Saying goodnight to hubby and headed for a nap.
The moral of this story is: no matter how much you plan or prep it is never a sure thing! Also, Twilight is like an addiction. Next stop will be the midnight show,
do I ever learn?
UPDATE FROM HOT TOPIC!-Twilight Stonestown Galleria Meet And Greet On 11/10 Is Sold Out In the spirit of fan appreciation and to ensure a safe environment, Hot Topic is proceeding with a limited meet and greet with Rob Pattinson from the upcoming film Twilight. The event will begin at 6:00 PM at San Francisco's Stonestown Galleria, and is currently sold out.

Can you believe it? They went ahead with it! I am a faithful person who believes people a little too much I guess. I am very frustrated with the above update.

I feel like a two year old who needs to have a tantrum!


Shauna said...

Oh Jen you need a Big (((HUG)))!

blueladybug said...

Wow!! I'm sooo glad you did not get hurt by the looks of how many people were there. This will be an experience that you will always remember.

Kelsey said...

5p - Rob announces he will in fact be there....grrr....I look like a guy in that picture :)

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

looks like you had lots of fun!! :-) hope you have a great night!!
big hugs!!
xoxo Britt :-)

tammy said...

I am so sad for you my friend!!!! Well, the one good thing is that at least you have a story to go with this movie and an adventure that will live on forever!!! I promise if my stories ever get published and turned into and incredible movie like won't need a wristband!!!!
Love ya!

Carissa said...


That is hilarious. Aren't you glad you went? Better luck next time meeting the movie "Edward"

Rachael Hutchings said...

Oh no! What a bummer! Your account of how it all went down made me smile though. :-)

Mimi said...

Jen you are so funny, I would have loved to be there with you even if you didn't get to meet him. It sounds like it was a lot of fun. I would be mad too if I found out later that they went on with the meet and greet too, so go ahead and have your tantrum! :)

Hatch Family said...

wow! you gave it all and tried really hard. loved the story...sorry you didn't get to meet him.

Decor To Adore said...

I'm currently on book 2. He LEFT her??!!!! :(

Casa Mia said...

Wow, sounds like great fun. Thanks for dropping by. We do have a lot in common. I bought the book Twilight but haven't started it yet. Did you read Love the one your with by Emily Giffin? I read it in 2 days. You need to read her other books as well, Something borrowed, something blue, baby proof. Keep me posted,cheers

Jessica said...

I am so sad for you guys. Well, it sounded like it was still an adventure. San Fran at 4 in the morning, you girls are wild!

Poetry of Life said...

How fun! I'm so glad you had the guts to go, but I wish you HAD gotten to meet him.

Unknown said...

My dear friend....what a tragedy....

Jennefer said...

Should I be afraid to go to see Twilight with you? :)

Danielle said...

I heard about the whole "it's really happening, but it really isn't" thing and thought of you. I'm sorry... that's just not right. But you still have the movie!!

Unknown said...

JEN! trauma!!!!!

I am so ticked that he came after all of that. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Well, if that doesn't suck I don't know what does. I haven't tried to meet any of the actors but I was able to meet (get a book signed and ask a question) Stephenie and that made my year. Go to our Outings Category and see the Breaking Dawn Concert for that one. Our trip to Forks is also in there. I can't wait for the next event. We're going to make another trip to the movies this Saturday. How close do you live? We're in Sunnyvale and we're going to the first showing at the Mercado on Saturday. If you're not too far away you should come with us.