Friday, December 12, 2008

Book Review- Love The One You're With Emily Giffin

I was so excited to read this book. I loved Something Borrowed, Something Blue and Baby Proof. So when this book came out I waited until a 40 % off coupon and away I went.

"Ellen and Andy’s first year of marriage doesn’t just seem perfect, it is perfect. There is no question how deep their devotion is, and how naturally they bring out the best in each other. But one fateful afternoon, Ellen runs into Leo for the first time in eight years. Leo, the one who brought out the worst in her. Leo, the one who left her heartbroken with no explanation. Leo, the one she could never quite forget. When his reappearance ignites long-dormant emotions, Ellen begins to question whether the life she’s living is the one she’s meant to live. At once heartbreaking and funny, Love the One You’re With is a tale of lost loves and found fortunes—and will resonate with anyone who has ever wondered what if." -Publisher Notes

This book was not gripping like the others. I didn't really like either relationship. The characters, to me, were not developed much for me to "root" for either. It is easy to relate to, but left me with an awkward feeling as I read. Who likes to feel awkward? I say...skip it.

Did you read it? What did you think?


Carrie said...

I thought it was okay. I didn't love it and I know what you mean about feeling awkward. I didn't like how deceptive she was either! And I was glad when her husband finally stood up to her instead of being so nice all the time. So I would give it a C.

sarah pekkanen said...

My favorite of Giffin's is "Something Blue." I'm really looking forward to her next book.


Erin said...

I haven't read this, but it is good to know what you thought!

Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick said...

Darn it, now I probably won't get it. :( I LOVE Giffin. I even got Baby Proof for free cause I signed up for her e-mails. :) I thought this one just sounded why would I want to read this when I really am in love and really do want to be with the one I'm with? Make sense??