Thursday, December 11, 2008


You know how your hear somethings and just always believe it?
Well, I had always heard "never have a tv in your bedroom, it will ruin your marriage". So when hubby began talking about putting a flat screen on the wall in front of our uber-comfy Tempur-pedic dual adjustable bed (it's not just for Grandparents) I was like, "No Way!"

When Hubby wants something he is a very passive bully (in the nicest sense of the word). He will send me emails, talk about it constantly and even get up at 4:30 on Black Friday to shop at Best Buy. He usually gets what he wants because I am always so sick of hearing about it, I give in. Like this time...

Now I have a 32 inch black rectangle in my pretty, feminine bedroom. Many would criticize that our bedroom is too feminine for a husband, but he actually really likes our bedroom. Since it replaced where our adorable dresser with a beveled mirror went, we knew we had to buy something to go underneath it. (To hold the cable box, of course)

If you've ever been in the market for something like this, you will know that Shabby Chic does not make anything to accomodate such technology. (I think Rachel is single)

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks! A faux fireplace! It has always been on my list at flea markets to find an old mantel for my bedroom. I have often dreamed of a roaring fire as I lay in bed trying to keep warm (think Kate Winslet's Cotswold cottage in The Holiday). So, when I proposed this solution to Hubby he didn't even hesitate!

Isn't it adorable? Let me tell you, it was all TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! It came from here so I got it at a steal! It was tax free AND free shipping! It came in one week. It was so easy to assemble. It is exactly how I expected!
Please note that these pictures were taken seconds after assembly so "stylizing" has not been done yet. I can't wait!

So...some say that a tv in the bedroom will ruin your marriage. You know what? Compromise will save it!


Ky said...

I adore it! You're a lucky girl :-)

Hatch Family said...

you both got what have wanted!

tammy said...

Great compromise!!! Love it!!!

Poetry of Life said...

Good for you Jen!!! I think it looks great and some of my favorite moments are watching an old movie with hubby in bed. Happy watching!

Carissa said...

The fireplace looks great. You always figure out how to make everything in your home look beautiful.

liz said...

great idea! i'm sure its so beautiful fixed up w/ all of your fancy stuff. you'll have to post that too.

btw - tell mark NOT to tel rob ; )