Friday, January 16, 2009

~ Fresh Start 2009~

It's no secret that I ♥ Mondays...and I look at the New Year as just one BIG MONDAY!
I ♥ a start fresh on anything (books, haircuts, projects, etc.) Then I have this anxiety thing to finish anything I start, not just finish... BUT FINISH IT NOW!
You can read more about that here.
Another thing I ♥ are lists! So one of the first things I did on New Year's day was to make list of all the things I wanted to do in January. Since my kids are off track (year round school) in January it is normally a very productive month for me. Plus, I am not always motivated so I have to strike while the iron is hot!
Here is my bed. I really love my bedframe but have always struggled with just the right bedding. I am really lucky to have a husband that does not mind "girly" beds! This is a comforter I found here that I have used ever since my real ($$$) Shabby Chic Duvet shredded itself. The details are hard to see but I loved the vintage print on this comforter and was kinda done with duvets for a while. Notice no dust ruffle. With dual adjustable beds it took me two whole years to have the nerve to cut a dust ruffle down the middle.


I have been eyeing this Rachel Ashwell bedding at Target for a while now because it was the perfect mix of robin egg blue and pink. Thanks to some generous students I was able to buy the Duvet Set that came with two shams with Christmas gift cards! Good deal! I simply velcroed the old comforter inside this duvet and voila! The pink ticking dust ruffle was a hand-me-down that sat in my closet for two years. I really love the new look...and on a budget!

Besides fresh bedding, here are a few other things I have checked off my January list (maybe you can get some ideas too)~

  • organized our medicine cabinets and discarded any expired meds.
  • sorted through the linen closet and moved the "worn" towels to the garage as rags.
  • sifted through every toy, trinket and treasure in the 7 year old's room. (filled 3 garbage bags and 3 donation bins AND found his missing IPOD)
  • reorganized my craft closet.
  • finished my 2008 Shutterfly "year"book and began my 2009 one.
  • saved all of my advertisement emails (not SPAM) and unsubscribed myself to each of them.
  • sorted through the kids art cabinet.
  • went through my "inspiration" box (extra special cards, letters, etc) and scanned them into the computer for safe keeping.
  • in our church we serve in callings, I tend to keep things that I may need. I finally recycled all out of date church supplies and got rid of items that were not applicable anymore.

Do you have any organization or renewing rituals that you do at the beginning of the year?

Next week = rose pruning!


Leslie said...

I love the new bedding - it looks great! Way to go on all the projects getting done. I get such a thrill when I check something off a "to do" list. One thing I did this month is get a little jump on Christmas for next year. I ordered the kids matchy PJ's (on clearance from Children's Place), bought all my gift wrap, and ordered some specialty items for family. Next Christmas we'll be with Ben's family and we are going to do a "BIG" Christmas where we buy or make something for everyone and not draw names (since we will all be together for the first time in 5 years). This will take some planning and budgeting as it's 25 people! That's been my project this month! :)

::Jan:: said...

I was just mentioning to Mattie, that I need a new bed look. You have now inspired me greatly. Looks fantastic.

Yard Sale Princess said...

I just followed some "must read" lists from other bloggers and found my way to you. I cannot even tell you who led me here but I am glad that I landed on your doorstep. First of all I love the picture you use as your blog header. Secondly, you have done quite a lot for the start of 2009. It made me sit up and take note(s), litteraly! There were a few things on your list that I need to tackle. Thanks for writing so well and making this a fun blog to discover. I will be adding you to my favorites!

The Missing Ingredient said...

Thanks for the comment, Jen! That's so awesome that the students chipped in so you could get your new bedding. Sounds like you've been very busy for the past 2 weeks!