Monday, January 19, 2009

♪These Are A Few of My Favorite Things♪

I have recently been enjoying some new things that I thought I would share. I love passing on things that I love! If you have something that you have recently found (and loved) please pass it on to me too!

Everyone who knows me knows I love to give my opinion AND I love to read! Here is a site where you register and have "friends". You show all the books you've read, are reading and plan to read. Then you rate them and give your review and look at others reviews too. Soooo fun and I spent a good hour writing about all the books I've been reading. Got a good book? Looking for a good book? Check it out!

My next love is my 2009 budget. I know it is crazy but what I really love is the feeling of empowerment, the feeling of control, the feeling of minimalizing. Ever since I quit my full time teaching job we have been waiting for a time where we can actually smile at the Excel spreadsheet. Trust me, there is never ENOUGH money...but in this scary time I feel very blessed. I know this is why!

I have recently found solace in Herbal Tea. At night when I am chilled it comforts. When I need a little sweet it satisfies. Surprisingly, it is thrist quenching and in the afternoon when I think I need a soda "pick-me-up" I have found that decaffinated herbal tea still does the trick. I like all flavors, is there a flavor you like the best?

Hubby asked for Apple TV for Christmas and honestly, even could not convince me why we needed this. BUT Santa delivered and I really like it! If hubby or can't convince you, let me try. It "streams" all of my itunes (music, movies, pictures) to our bedroom tv. So instead of moving my Ipod around the house I can just turn on the tv. We always do family scripture study in my bedroom. Since my scriptures are all uploaded we read along with the narrator and it has been much more intersting for the kids. We pause and discuss and have "guest" readers where they practice reading some of the verses. discalimer:I am not saying you NEED apple tv for scripture study. :)

I even thought my Twilight obsession was softening...but I just uploaded the Twilight Score from itunes (thanks itunes gift cards). It is NOT THE SOUNDTRACK, which I still love too. The score is all of the background music. It is fun to work out to and really, really takes you through the emotion of the flick!

Lastly, and sorry no picture...E and I stayed up until 1 AM watching The Notebook this weekend. I have now decided that it is my very favorite chick flick of all time. There is something that makes my heart actually burn for that love story!

Let me know your thoughts and if you have any "new discoveries"!


Fuji Mama said...

I love GoodReads! I wish I could read right now...I miss it! I can hardly focus long enough to read my email though...but relief will soon be here! I LOVE herbal tea. I fell in love with it when I lived in France and my host family would sit down with a cup of tea/coffee every evening before bed. I learned quickly how soothing and yummy it was! There was a pear infusion that was my all-time favorite, though I haven't been able to find it in the US. :-( I discovered "Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride" (a Celestial Seasonings special holiday flavor)this year and bought a box. Now I'm wishing I'd bought a case because it is SO good. It is made up of milk thistle, roasted barley, orange peel, and vanilla bean. SO GOOD.

Poetry of Life said...

I too love herbal tea, but I think I love hot chocolate more! We have Apple TV and never thought to put our scriptures on there! Great idea!

K~ said...

Hey, I joined GoodReads. I searched for you, but it couldn't find you...

::Jan:: said...

Thanks for the insight. I will have to check it out Jen.

blueladybug said...

I will have to check out good reads. Thanks!