Friday, January 30, 2009

Master Bath Retreat

Now that we are settling into the New Year, I have been looking around and seeing what I enjoy about my home and things I'd like to change. I don't think I have ever posted about my master bath, so I thought this would be a great place to start to share. Please give your opinions and ideas!

This is the room that sold me the house! It is huge and I love that about it, but sadly it usually does not look like this. The large carpet area (not pictures, where I am standing to take the picture) is surrounded by our closets and usually houses the monstrous mountain of clean clothes. Why is it so easy to wash and dry, but not fold?

Carpet in a bathroom is NEVER a good idea. I would love to have small mosaic white and black tiles instead. However, it is nice to have warm feet in the winter.

Please excuse the turtle in the tub. D was "growing" a plastic turtle. I was never a bath person until I had a large tub.

When our house was built we had very little money for upgrades. I knew white grout was a killer and choosing grout color was FREE so I chose "ice blue" grout instead of white. It really looks gray, but at least it does not look dirty. I totally recommend colored grout!

I have never found the right window treatment for this window, please excuse the exposed hardware. This built in is right next to our shower. The middle drawer we use as a hamper for dirty colors while the bottom drawer is for dirty white clothes. I love utilitarian items in glass jars like these spare soaps.
**wall art made by Natasha Burns**

In a previous post I mentioned my "real" shabby chic duvet, long before Rachel was at Target. I never had spent so much money on bedding until then so I thought it would last me a long, long time. The duvet only lasted a couple of years before shredding in the washer. The above skirt is made from that duvet. I made a matching one for the adjacent niche that houses my tv. Having a tv in the bathroom is a complete luxury. It is the tv I usually use the most while I am listening to music or news while I get ready, watching "The Bachelor" from a hot bath or when I am folding the aforementioned mountain of clean clothes.

Some of the things I'd like to do with this bathroom:

  • tile floor (like soon!)
  • repaint cabinets (all of our cabinets in our house were painted poorly)
  • replace cabinet hardware with a more vintage look
  • panel the ceiling
  • beadboard the tub surround
  • install built ins in one of my closets for all of my craft and sewing stuff

Hope you enjoyed this little tour. Please give me any and all suggestions!


Leslie said...

I think that beadboard would be great! I like the idea of tile flooring - but do you want to have black and white if your bathroom is blue? I'm not the best decorator...but tile will look nice. I love projects like this - when they are all done! :)

Tammy said...

I LOVE your bathroom and the spaciousness. I dream of my own someday, but for now I try to enjoy mine. Tiles would be great on the floor. You can always find some nice spot rugs for in front of the sink. Maybe a nice creamy white with grayish-black veins in it to go with the treatments by Natasha. I would lvoe to redo something like that. Good luck and totally enjoy!!!! Oh and the turtle is great!!!!

blueladybug said...

I had to laugh at your laundry comment. Totally me! I love washing and drying, but do not like to fold unless it's towels. And also don't like to put away clothes; they sit in baskets for days on the top of the stairs:) I would suggest tile and add a few rugs near the shower and bath. Maybe you can do cobalt blue and white tiles to make it look like the black and white tiles. (I assume that the tile accents in the pictures are dark blue?) Maybe painting your cabinets a different color? Would love to have a TV in my bathroom. How cool!

Erin said...

What love your bathroom. I think tile on the floor would be awesome. I love the tub. I wish I had one!

Jennefer said...

Jen, don't do black and white tile. It might be hard to change if you ever want a different look and having small tiles in a large space might make it feel cluttered all the time. I know you aren't a clutter girl. You need reclaimed tiles from a house in France!!!! Hexagon shaped would be great!