Friday, January 23, 2009

A Happy Ending ☺

January 20- 1:15 AM "CRASH!" no brick or rock, looks like baseball bat.
caught on neighborhood surveillance camera! (great house location!)
8 cars in the neighborhood smashed, 20 in the city, ours is the only house. (?)
January 21- Do we want to press charges?...uh, yeah!
Window estimates and ordering glass.
Track down suspect due to clear license plate reading on surveillance tapes.
Confession and felony charges due to amount of damage.
January 23- Glass ready and installation.
** Moral of the story...
don't do it in our neighborhood, you will get caught!**


Emmy said...

that is right. don't mess with our nieghborhood!!!

blueladybug said...

Wow! I'm very glad that they got caught! Do the crime, pay the price!

Tammy said...

How sad...I am glad you caught the person!!!

Yard Sale Princess said...

You must have felt so violated. It is horrible when something like this happends and then it isn't personal so you ask, "why us". We had someone throw a can (unopened) of beer at our bedroom window at 2am. It made a loud crashing noise but since our windows are vinyl it didn't break. We were still outraged at being targeted! We live along the main street into the neighborhood and on the corner so we figure we are an easy target. I can only imagine how you were feeling through the entire process. I am glad that you have some closure to this!

Carissa said...

Yikes! That's horrible. I'm glad they caught the person.