Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Lovin'

It is officially SUMMER now at our house! too bad my back is out...
I was wondering how summer is defined by you?
Is it...

relaxing at the beach?

catching up on your reading?

diving into projects?

lots of dining al fresco?

or camping out?

Because our school is transitioning from year round to traditional schedule, my kids have never known what it is like to be off for summer! To me, we will be doing a little bit of everything, but would love to know what it means to you!

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Tammy said...

To me growing up in Tahoe, summers were filled with wanderings through the forest, riding bikes, catching crawdads, fishing, hiking, swimming, waterskiing, boating, slumber parties on boats, the cute boys at the rec center, my friend's paddle boat, Duran Duran and fits of laughter all night.