Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Chore Schedule Idea

I was inspired by a blog (and forgive me that I cannot find it again!) to start this system for summer. I envisioned E on the computer from morn until nigh and D whining I'm bored! So I implemented this system...And so far, it works like a charm!
Each of my children have a ribbon tied set of "chore cards".
Each 4x6 card has a chore on it ~5 cards, one chore per day~
An "extra" card has a list that they could do after they do their one chore. Why? See below.
11 year old girl chores
  • fold and put away all families clothes
  • sweep/vacuum and dust downstairs
  • clean bathroom
  • clean room and closet
  • unload and load dishwasher

7 year old boy chores

  • clean bathroom
  • do 3o min. yardwork
  • vacuum and dust upstairs
  • fold and put away all families clothes
  • clean room and closets


  • clean out car
  • dust buster and spray mop stairs
  • 30 more min of yardwork
  • make all 3 beds after washing
  • clean mom and dad's bathroom
  • organize kitchen cabinets
  • cook dinner


  • the set chores are non-negotiable
  • you can choose whichever chore you'd like to do on what day
  • chore MUST be done before play, tv or computer
  • all 5 chores MUST be done by Friday morning
  • you can do as many "extras" as you'd like to do
  • you get credit if it is done as you were trained
  • I put a tally on the back of the card when I check it. Different color tally for each week.


I firmly believe that children should have responsibilites that they do not get paid for! I firmly believe that each person in the family should have responsibilities simply because we are a united family. BUT what I have found is...what I firmly believe leads to a lot of arguing, complaining and nagging!

So...they get $5 a week for doing their "chore cards" and $1 for every extra.

Notes to Self

  • D LOVES responsibilites! He does 1-2 "extras" a day. ($ motivated)
  • E is not arguing
  • Because this system is only for summer, they know there is a light at the end of the tunnel
  • They are appreciating what I usually do without them
  • They talk about paying tithing daily and saving for bigger items
  • Less begging at the store
  • Honestly, I see my children happier because they are feeling productive!
  • They have suggested more "extras" that they'd like to do (i.e. cleaning out car)
  • I am more flexible with their free time because they have done something to help me first.

Hope this helps inspire you like someone else's blog inspired me!


blueladybug said...

Hmmm. I think you might have inspired me! My kids are already saying they are bored. Thanks for the idea!

Tammy said...

You are definitely onto something!!1 I had to tell Bryan to clean his room...He has one backpack of items he brought and an air mattress!!!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I am a big believer in chores too. Not sure what to do with my almost-three-year-old, besides cleaning up her toys, but I am working on it! :)

Poetry of Life said...

What a great idea! Danielle loves to help and I'm constantly trying to find things for her to help with. It's hard too when you ask Danielle to help and Ben is running around playing. I'm sure that I could figure something out for him to do each day too. Can't wait to get started! (Did you laminate them to reuse each week? or put a calendar on the back? )

steph mackin said...

Thanks Jen, the ol' chore chart has gotten so boring!

Anonymous said...

Great idea!