Monday, July 6, 2009

*Camp * Here I come!

Not too long ago I was asked to be camp counselor at Young Women Camp for our church. In just one short week I will be up in the mountains, away from the world...and I can't wait!!!!
I will be completely unplugged (without cell phone, ipod and BLOWDRYER!) for 6 days! I CAN DO IT!
Actually, I have served in many different areas and loved them all. But ever since I have been asked to attend camp I have been on cloud 9! I am a young woman at ♥ so I feel just as excited as they are! Also, because I converted to my faith when I was 21 I did not have the opportunity to attend when I was a young woman.
There will be girls from 12 -18 there and I will serve with the 12 & 13 year olds. Do I have worries? You bet! I am scared I will talk and walk in my sleep (common for me). I am worried I will be uncomfortable ( I would NEVER go on Survivor). I am nervous about hiking.
But I know that those 6 days I will be closer to the Holy Ghost. I know I will grow spiritually from the example of these young women. I know I will have a great time! Next year my own daughter will be going and I can't wait to experience it with her!


Jan said...

Have fun Jen. I know that you will be the best counselor. The girls will be so lucky to have you.

Enjoy the unplugged.

My daughter just thinks the world of yours. They truly are twins :)

..Kris Naven.. said...

I am so excited, and like I said before excited to get to know you better! We will have such a great time, and we have a TON in common! I LOVE that! Level 1 counselors here we come! And don't worry I run in my sleep! Lol! Just kidding! I have never seen anyone sleep walk before so it will just be another new experience for me! :)

G and G Nut said...

You will be such an awesome counselor at camp. It's going to be a really great week!