Sunday, July 12, 2009

♥♥Best Friends Forever♥♥

Disclaimer: This may be a post that is full of bragging! BEWARE!
I just had to make a post about the little joys in my life that
I am writing this post as a reminder of how blessed I am & to inspire us all to think about others before we think of ourselves!
On a daily basis I have friends who I talk to, see and share life with! Sometimes, quite often for me, my friends knock my socks off for no reason at all! Here are some examples:
  • A friend dropped off high end cleaning supplies and fancy rubber gloves just because!
  • This Valentine's Day I got a package in the mail. Totally surprised!
  • I got myself into a little public email pickle. For 3 days straight I had texts, phone calls and emails checking to see how I was doing.
  • A friend knew I was nervous about not having a blow dryer at camp so she made me hand-made headbands (with really cute fabric) and wrapped them pretty.
  • A friend heard I had a sick child and she brought me a book bag filled with chick-lit!
  • I hurt my back and my phone rang off the hook with well wishers!
  • A friend brought me a birthday present in June when my birthday is in October. She saw it and thought of me and couldn't wait.
  • A friend knew it was my first year ever going to camp. She just dropped off a stack of note cards for me to open each day while I am at camp.
  • Little pop-ups on my FB just telling me how much I mean to them!
  • There are so many more I could go on and on and on...

I feel so LOVED!

It doesn't matter what you do, just telling someone you are thinking of them is all that matters!

Thank you to all of my friends who take care of me!

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Anonymous said...

you do have nice friends ;) i have to (insecurely) admit that i'm not sure i have not-family people who think about me the way people think about you. that's ok. we love you jen.

have fun at camp! i know you'll love it. i hope you feel pretty in your headband ;)