Friday, July 24, 2009

Picture Links! Check them out!

To see pics of a fabulous CHOCOLATE party I co-hosted, click here!
To see pics of my experience at YW Camp, click here!


Britt said...

weird...carrie is my sister-in-law. i had no idea you guys were connected in any way! my husband just asked how i started reading your blog, and i can't remember at all :) i love the internet!

oh, and awesome party!

Tammy said...

When leaders embrace camp the way you did...THAT is why the girls become stronger. They see the adult women having a great time AND being spiritual at the same time. Camping will never be the same for you!!!

BTW...I loved the meadow shot!!! Sorry, Edward was with me!

..Kris Naven.. said...

You're awesome! The party that you threw for your friend was amazing! And it had my mouth watering! "Yum" is right! What a great idea for a party! I'm sure you were in heaven too with all that chocolate! I know I would be! And thanks for putting the link to my blog for YW's Camp!!! You are AMAZING!!! I miss you! Hope to talk to you and see you soon! :)

Poetry of Life said...

Loved the pictures! I think you had two of the girls I teach Sunday school to. I'm so jealous! I'm reliving my camp experience through you...Hold on to that spiritual feeling as long as you can!