Saturday, August 1, 2009

Is it weird that I think these BOYS are cute?

Do you remember your first concert?
I'd LOVE to hear what it was in the comment section!
Check out the comments to hear what mine was, I am sure you'll be surprised!
Well, the time has finally come for my daughter to go to her first concert. We bought the tickets for her back in March for her birthday.
We are going to see The Jonas Brothers!
I am taking my daughter, my niece, and a friend. I love to be "the fun aunt"!
Of course the girls decided to make their own shirts.
Here is ours...

the supplies are gathered

the iron is HOT

using Avery Ink Jet T-Shirt Transfers

the front

E and I have a collection of "I♥" shirts. We decided to make this one to add to the collection.

the back

love this girl!

below is the back of my niece's Jo Bro track jacket.

If you have NOT seen JONAS on the Disney channel, check it out! It is hilarious & yes, I AM over 12!
Check back after Monday for our concert adventure!


Jen said...

Sadly, my first concert was Barry Manilow (my mom's ♥throb). I was in 5th grade!
Thanks for telling me your first concert!
♥ Jen

♠Emmy Here♠ said...

ha ha ha!! i am in 5th grade!! well this is my heart throb!!

..Kris Naven.. said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those t-shirts! You know I am a HUGE Jonas Brothers fan! I We have talked about this, but you know I LOVE the show too! There is a NEW episode on tonight!!! I can't wait! I am so jealous that you are going to the concert! You will have to tell me ALL about it! I wanted to go, but nobody wanted to go with me! Boo! I guess that's what you get when you are 25, and a Jo Bro Fan! :) Have fun with E and we seriously need to get together soon! Love you, and tell E she looks adroable in her Jonas t-shirt!

P.S. Did you make that track jacket too or buy it?! It is awesome as well! Love it! Have fun! Oh ya, and my first concert ever was N'SYNC!!! And Britney Spears opened for them! I was 12 and in LOVE with Justin! Guess I STILL love those teeny boopers!!! :)

Hatch Family said...

you are a good mom! e will always remember....

Tammy said...

Ahh Jen! I can jsut see you dancing at the Copa Cabana!!!

Mine was actually...Ratt & Poison!!! Too funny now, but It really was a great concert!!!!

Poetry of Life said...

How fun!!!! Dani wanted to go too for her 7th birthday and we thought she was a little too young. We can't WAIT to read all about it though!

Liz R. said...

you are so crafty! love the t-shirts! my first "real" concert was Sting. i went when i was 16 with my boss and his wife and a couple of their kids. way fun. other than that i grew up going to blue grass festivals with my dad. those where fun, but definitely NOT the jonas brothers!