Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It is just SO good!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
Well, I seem to remember a time where I would say, "oh, those are not my kind of books". Something very similar to what I said about a certain vampire story we all know and love!
You may remember this and Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone was on my list of summer reads.
Sadly, I did not make it, but my daughter (11) read 1-5 and my son (7) read 1. They were so enthusiastic about it I knew I just had to find out once and for all what the hooplah was all about. My great friend has all the movies, so I borrowed them and watched each of them over a 3 day period. I know, I know the movies ARE NEVER as good as the books but I was way overwhelmed by reading 7 BIG books.
When I had my HP marathon I was hooked! We went as a family to see #6 at the movies. I knew that I had to read #7 to find out how it all ended.
Finally my Review:(no spoilers here!)
HOLY COW! What an amazing story! There were times when I was annoyed with Ron, Hermione and Harry- but that all made our brave heroes so much more humanlike. I savored each and every chapter and I grew to love all of the characters and stories. Rowling is such a fabulous writer. It made me feel as though magic was happening all around me, and if you know me I am not a FANTASY person at all! But this story, the entire saga, is a story of growing up. It has all the elements of regular teenage stories, it just happens to take place in a wizard world. If you have not given Harry Potter a try, please do! You will not be sorry... I am now going back and reading 1-6!


Jen said...

Started The Sorcer's Stone last night and am LOVING it! Rock on Harry! ♥ Jen

Alisa said...

You are going to love them. There's nothing like them and you'll fall so deeply in love with the characters that you'll dream of the day when JK Rowling decides to write more about them. Which by the way she says she wont but you'll dream it anyways.

lynne said...

I am SO glad we can finally talk about them!!!!

liz said...

i was the same way about harry potter initially. then carissa let me borrow them and i was hooked. i have to admit liking series of books where there series is finished and i can just read them all w/o having to wait until the next one comes out.