Friday, August 14, 2009

Back To School Organization #1

A new school year has begun!
I have a 6th drader and a 2nd grader, it's going to be a great year!

One of the things I ♥ to do when the kids go back to school is to get the "homework cabinet" reorganized and ready to go. Of course, homework is not such struggle when all of the possible tools are right where everyone can grab them.
~This cabinet is a lower cabinet in our kitchen. Lower, obviously, so that my younger can help himself. The plastic drawers were clearanced a while back at Staples for $2. Am I the only one who gets giddy over the organization aisle?
~I take advantage of the Back to School sales for my home stock-up too. Who can beat $1 Crayola Markers at Wal-Mart? When I am buying pencils and crayons for the class, I just buy an extra set for home too. For some reason the kids also like fresh tools at home at the beginning of the year. Who can blame them?

~The drawers are:
  1. crayons
  2. colored pencils with a sharpener already in the drawer
  3. markers, thin and fat
  4. binder paper (8 1/2 x 11 fits perfectly)
  5. glue sticks, white glue, tape and scissors

I love the drawer idea because the kids could takeout each drawer and take it to the table instead of going back and forth. You could use individual pencil boxes for each also, they are cheap right now too.

~I have a bin of play-dough and bubbles on hand just for fun when homework gets tense. The black rolodex bin is for stickers. Whenever we get stickers in birthday goodie bags I just throw them in there. You never know when you need a sticker! The bottom box has graph paper and index cards.

~ On the right hand side I have a pencil box just for pencils and pens. My kids really love the mechanical pencils. Once again, I stock up now while they are cheap! They just seem to make their writing look extra good. Extra leads are in the box as well.
~The yellow and green box is MINE! It holds greeting cards all categorized. The handy dandy drawer holds an address book (always written in pencil) and stamps. Never underestimate the power of a handwritten note ☺ Do you ever think, "I need to write a thank you note"? Homework time is a great time. I like to sit with my kids during homework for support, but sometimes they are fine. So if I write a note I am still there if they need me.
~Of course a selection of construction paper is needed. Underneath is a Costco box of envelopes.
~Hanging in front of the cabinets is where I hang their chore cards. This system worked perfectly for Summer. I am just really struggling on how to modify it for school! Any suggestions?
~Inside the cabinet door I hang the school calendar and teacher email list and school contact info. The other side I hang pictures or school work that the kids take pride in.
I hope you enjoyed this organization piece!
I love getting motivated by others and hope you do too!



Thanks for stopping by and leaving me your sweet comment! What lucky kids you have they have a great Mom to do all of that for them (;

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen, you are an amazing organizer! I'm telling you, you should go into business! My cabinet is half the size of yours and I really need to reorganize it!Thanks for the motivation!

Leslie said...

Can I just have Curtis do homework at your house? Can you imagine what would happen if I had those supplies readily available with Sara around?!? She still has magic marker on her legs from last week!! :)

Blog posts like this make me love you even more!

..Kris Naven.. said...

Wow! You are amazing! When my boys start school will you come over and help get my drawers together? I would be excited to do homework at your house! You are such a great Mom, and it makes it so much easier for you and the kids when things are organized! Wow...did I say your amazing? Oh ya, you're amazing! :)

Hatch Family said...

i LOVE it! it looks great!!!

Carissa said...

What a great use of lower kitchen cabinetry. My lower cabinets always end up storing seasonal items that I usually forget that I own because I never open the cabinets (and they're all locked to keep the baby out). I just might have to borrow your fabulous idea.

liz said...

you've inspired me to update my "art now homework" cabinet with new items. I did buy a bunch of new crayons - which carson all broke in half. (he is a lovely child...)

i have some cute magazine boxes that I use for the construction/regular paper so that the paper doesn't take up so much horizontal space.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Jen! This is such a great organizational post. I am going to do that to my own area of craft supplies. You are an inspiration!

Bridgette said...

Good ideas!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Liz said...

Hi--just came across your blog via Tip Junkie. Great hw station ideas!