Friday, June 4, 2010

Father's Day Gift Idea

We have already given our dad his Father's Day present. Since that is the case I get to share the gift idea with you just in time for you to pick one up for yours!
My husband has always loved making root beer and really enjoys drinking soda. So when I was at Williams-Sonoma and they were demo'ing this, I knew it would be perfect!
The Sodastream Penguin water cabonator is great! It comes with two Co2 containers that can be replaced at WS when you run out. It also comes with these two glass containers that have amazing caps to keep your carbonation in. It is so easy to use, you just use regular filtered water and pump it 2-3 times. Then you have sparkling water. I like to add crystal light to it...yum!

But since it is hubby's gift, I had to get him the Root Beer syrup. We also got Lemon Lime. Both are really, really good! In less than 2 minutes we have a fresh batch of whatever fizzy drink we like!

Italian Sodas anyone?

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Tammy said...

What fun!!! I've got 2 bottles of root beer concentrate in my cupboards!!!