Friday, June 18, 2010

Garden Kitchen Inspiration

What do you have on your kitchen countertops?
I inherited this amazing antique crock from my mother-in-law (on left) years ago. I've always kept my kitchen gadgets handy in it....until my everyday gadgets were so plentiful that it became a sore spot to me!
When I am in problem solving mode I want a solution and I want it NOW! (channeling my inner Veruca Salt) So when I decided I needed to seperate my cooking gadgets from my baking gadgets I was on the hunt for the perfect holder. Needing to fulfill my instant gratification and my lack of budget I opened my eyes and hunted around the house in search for something that would a)be the right dimensions and b) coordinate with the other things on my countertop.


On my back patio, waiting for a use. I was attracted to this pot (found at Home Depot a couple years back) due to the color and the architectural detail. I picked it up with the desire to plant in it, but never did. Although whenever I passed by it, outside, it always reaffirmed to me that I loved those elements of it. That is why it became the PERFECT addition to my countertop!


When you find something that speaks to you- and it is in your budget- BUY IT! Do not make the mistake of saying, "where will I put it, what will I use it for?" If you love it, you will find the perfect use for it!

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Brandy said...

love that, perfect philosophy and I need to try to remember it!!