Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Weekend - part III

As if we did not have enough sweets here, we decided to get some gelato! Just too beautiful to pass by!

Could the day get any better?
OH YES IT CAN with a trip to Burke Williams Spa!
Behind these doors is heaven on earth!
If you are a spa person I completely recommend you seeking a Burke Williams and checking it out! No detail is overlooked here! The decor is Parisian.

We purposely went early to partake of the many ammenities that are offered when you have a treatment. We drank lots of cucumber water, went in the hot tub and the sauna and the steam room. We took showers making sure to use all of their aromatherapy products. Pure luxury!

Then it was time for us to all split up and get our treatments.

Mine was an 80 minute pure relaxation massage with BUD! It was glorious!

Of course, what would a day in the city be without a little SHOPPING!
If you do not know me, or even if you do, you may think I am the most spoiled person in the world. I am grateful for this day, thank my husband for it, and know that these days are once in a lifetime! or once a year ;)


Tammy said...

You had me at Gelato...

I am quite jealous of the spa...sounds incredible!!!

Jennefer said...

Oh why did I send you the shower cap picture?

Carissa said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful day. The day at the spa sounds divine.