Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Dream Life~ I'm Living It

Ever since I was little I  pretended my life was a movie. Do with it what you may, but sometimes a thought will still cross my mind like, "if I were a movie character right now, what emotion would they see?" or "what type of soundtrack music would be playing right now if this were a movie?" or "who would play me in this movie?"  

I know it sounds pretty 
I chalk it up to all my wasted time, after school, watching HBO...
I was a latch key kid.

I also think that somewhere inside of me I have a story to tell. I love to write and I am just waiting for my story to come out. That is one of the reasons why I love this blog so much!

Today I had a movie moment
E has been home sick with the flu. What better way to nurse a sickness than to watch movies all day long? We had just finished watching New Years Eve. I am a total and complete sucker for NYC movies. Serendipity, Miracle of 34th Street, Something Borrowed, How To Lose A Guy in Ten Days, Breakfast at Tiffany's...the list goes on and on. If there is a scene with Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge or Time Square I am absolutely giddy. I yearn to be the lead, living life in the big city, riding the subway and ordering take out from the corner restaurant. 

After the movie was over I bundled up in my full length down jacket (for all of you visual people like me) to take the dog out. It was then that I realized I am already living in my own movie dream. I do live in a big city, though it is not New York. In some ways it is even better than New York. For example, my fear of being mugged or murdered is considerably lower.  I have a small area of the city where the corner store owner knows me and waves when I pass. I do take the subway with ease,  just like the leading lady in a movie. I can hail a taxi just like the best of them. I even strut along the busy streets with my headphones in, looking like I have someplace important to go. Although, instead of a high power exec job, it is usually a lunch date or school event I am going to. Nevertheless, my life could totally be a movie...maybe a very low budget, not-very-exciting movie...but my movie.

I have another confession though (different than the one where I am a grown woman playing make believe in movies) is not just big city flicks I have a place in my heart for. I also really love the ones in small, quaint towns where everyone knows each other (and their business) and there is always a charming town carnival or 4th of July celebration with white twinkling lights. Some of my favorites that fall into this category are Sleeping With The Enemy (freaky movie but love the town), Doc Hollywood, Kindergarten Cop, A Walk To Remember (actually any Nicholas Sparks inspired movie). This movie dream life is me living in a cottage with a front porch, in one of these quaint towns (probably in the South), with a neighbor that comes to my kitchen door to chat while I am making really yummy baked goods. 

Since we don't quite know where we will end up after this "movie wraps", it makes me wonder if my next movie dream will come true. Only time will tell...
What movie would you like to be the lead in, of your real life?

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