Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Two Weeks in December

Ahhhhh, to be stateside and enjoying all the comforts of the land of the free (mainly unobstructed FAST internet)! Here is the first of a few "catch up" posts.

December has been a long few weeks so far.
Emma missed crucial school days just before exams with a horrible strand of the flu.
Jupiter was along her side every step of the way.

Dayton's first ever Baritone concert!
His favorite song to play was "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".

Dayton has been inspired to live a "missionary schedule" and created this schedule.
Every day he had school he stuck to it. Good job buddy!

Emma went to an overnight scripture reading party. They made gingerbread houses to help keep them motivated to keep reading throughout the night.

Nope, this isn't Costco! But it is Carrefour and samples being handed out of ramen.

The Bird's Nest at night...a very cold night!

We got tickets to a snowboarding event.

Despite Shaun White not performing (even though his name was on the event) we still had a great time! Dayton's buddy, Freddy, met us there. It was 8 degrees inside the bird's nest...brrrrr.

Death By Chocolate Cake for scripture study.

Emma wanted to lighten and brighten her locks for you know how hard it is to find blonde in China? didn't turn out quite the way we had hoped! Disaster!

The "new"color. She handled it so well!

The "newer" color which made it absolutely perfect. From now on, her golden locks will only be enhanced by professionals.
Stay tuned for snow, 
sand and 
flying over tree tops!

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