Thursday, December 27, 2012

Two Weeks In December II

Mele Kalikimaka from the sunny and warm Hawaiian island of Kauai! If you were excited to see some sun and surf pictures they are coming up soon...For now, let's check in with what we were doing in Beijing right before we came to paradise.


We live on a famous street in Beijing called Ya Bao Lu. It is famous because it is where Russians come to shop for fur and other things. Here is Ya Bao Lu in the snow.

Din Tai Fung is a well-known restaurant that is now worldwide. They have the yummiest dumplings I've ever had. Each and every employee wore a Santa hat. Remind us to tell you about the great story about hubby and a rich Chinese guy.

These dumplings are filled with not only meat and veggies, but a hot yummy broth.
Eating them from a soup spoon is best.

Each and every dumpling maker goes to Taiwan to be trained in the special method of wrapping these delicious works of art.

Chinglish runs ramped in China. Here is just another example.

A luxurious window display made out of cakes.

The Legendale Hotel in Beijing is my favorite hotel. It is french and ornate looking. Here is the Christmas tree and lobby. No, Chinese do not celebrate Christmas.

With the kiddos out of school a whole week before our trip I thought it was sure time for them to see the Temple of Heaven.
 It is a complete coincidence that every time I've been there it has been a blue sky day.

I never tire of seeing this up close.

We went on a double date to the Golden Five Star Market to get pictures framed. Can you believe for custom framing, including matts, it runs about $12? We found this stall that has wonderful striped bed covers. I picked up a set for $22.

A must do in Beijing is a Chinese Acrobat show. We went with some friends to the Chaoyang Theater and paid $15 per ticket. It is a great show and lots of fun.

The gang all ready to see some acrobats!

About 17 girls on one bike was just one of the amazing acts that we saw. Some of our favorites were the guys running on the "hamster wheels" and the motorcycle cage. These people do amazing tricks!

Jupiter sure knew something was going on. We found him in our luggage wanting to stow away.
I can't begin to say how blessed I feel to be sitting on my balcony, looking at the ocean while I type, and waving down to my brother and mom who just walked by below my room. Beijing feels very, very far away right now.

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