Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weeks in Pictures

Charlie Brown Christmas tree in Beijing!

Thanksgiving 2012- Dad was on a business trip. The three of us went to Grandma's Kitchen for "traditional" and expensive dinner. Even more fun was our church friends gathered the Saturday after. I am sad I didn't get a pic, and the food was so much better!

A long line of Chinese senior citizens playing games in the early afternoon.

Sometimes hubby has calls late into the night with colleagues in America. On this day, he decided to take the afternoon off and we had a weekday date to the Temple of Heaven. Great perk of living near his work and in a historical city.

A tree that is hundreds and hundreds of years old.
What Jupiter looks like when I groom him.
What Jupiter looks like when the vet grooms him.

Last year I did not even attempt to make my Christmas peanut butter balls. This year with a few substitutions and a few different stores I was able to make them. It is truly Christmas now!

One of the places I've been wanting to go is the Panjiayuan Market (the dirt market). It is the flea market of Beijing. A friend and I went on Friday and I've never, ever been so cold! Weekends are a better time to go, as there are more vendors, but we found it to be great!

Furniture stalls at Panjiayuan.

A sweet little granddaughter of one of the stall owners.

Some of my treasures from Panjiayuan.

With the weather there has been a lot of static in the air. Jupiter 's hair often sports the static look.
The temperature in Beijing.
The temperature of where we will be for Christmas.

Galaxy Soho- a step into the future.

A new piece to bring home!
I missed out on pictures at a few great events this past week. We had a Relief Society activity where we made Christmas garlands. I made homemade almond biscotti (they were gone so quick I couldn't take a picture). We had Sunday dinner with a few friends.

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Liz R. said...

while catching up i couldn't help but think
"look at you all happy in china!" glad you are baking and decorating and feeling more confident!

love love the temp pics. how funny!

and when you post a pic of the "snow" in china it makes me wish you could be in a place where it really really snowed! it's more magical and less dreary looking.