Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ornament A Day ~ 22

Like any mom, I cherish my children and the role of motherhood. When Emma came into our lives, almost 16 years ago, a light sparked in me that has never gone away. I knew very early on that she would teach me things I had never even thought about...and that has completely come to pass. As a young child, she was sweet and musical and vibrant. As she is a grown woman, now, she is still all of those things and so much more! She has been tried and tested in these last couple of years and yet still continues to be a light to everyone who sees her. It breaks my heart to know, that in just a few short years, that she will move onto another phase of life where we will be less involved. But, I know, that no matter where she is our connection and her example to me will be just as strong!

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