Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ornament A Day ~ 3

Todays post is dedicated to each of my past students and their wonderful families!
Many, many ornaments on our tree are courtesy of my sweet students throughout my fifteen years of teaching first grade and kindergarten. I, especially, love the ones where they wrote their name and year on it. As I put up my tree, year after year, I think about each student and what they might be doing. It is so fun to see them on Facebook, graduating from college and getting married, a joining the Armed Forces and continuing on in their lives. 
When I taught, I would host my class at my house at Christmastime. It became one of my very favorite things to do because we gathered around the tree, sang songs and munched on cookies. Most years we even pumped up some tunes and had a little dance party! I cherish those memories so much!

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Do you think that would be illegal now? :(