Saturday, April 18, 2009

♫ Blog Music♫

I tried to add my new favorite song to my blog, but does not have Kris' latest song yet. "Falling Slowly" is so incredible and it gives me chills. Check it out here! The studio version is definately better than the live performance. His voice feels like creamy milk chocolate to me!
My American Idol 2 cents:
I do not think Kris will win. I am excited to see what Adam will perform each week and think he has the best voice and will win BUT I would not go out and buy an Adam CD. I definately would go out and buy a Kris CD!
To join in with weekly chats about AI check out BlogTheDayAway after each show. As a matter of fact they chat about each and every show you can imagine, check it out!

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Anonymous said...

I smiled when I read this post. Do you know I had the EXACT same conversation with my husband last week? (Are you really that surprised?)

Adam is a true performer and has an incredible stage presence...but would I ever buy his material? Heck no LOL.

Kris has a such a smooth, beautiful voice to me. Oh yeh and he's pretty easy on the eyes too *lol*.

Enjoy your Sunday and