Thursday, April 2, 2009

March Madness Update - I did it!

So, no picture...sorry! I was too excited to shop and forgot to take an "after" picture. But let me tell you, our pantry was not as empty as I thought. We could've "survived" physically for a couple of more weeks. BUT I don't think I could've survived mentally. This experiment definately stripped us down between wants and needs. Here was a common thought in my head "I want to make this for dinner but do not have that one ingredient, so I need to make this instead." We all need that right? It took away all freedom to just go grab something from the store. I also stretched my creativity in the kitchen and 99% of the time it worked out well. I did have to throw away an entire batch of enchiladas since they were too hot to eat. One surprise that I thought I would share is that my kids were great through it. There was less complaining about what was for dinner and they never complained about not having what they wanted. Although they did devour apples when we got some from a neighbor.

My March food bill = $38.90

I wanted it to be a big fat 0, but I am pleased. Thank you to all of my good friends who helped support me in this experiment. Oh, and my Costco bill was $227.80. Not as bad as I thought it was going to be!


Silcox Stories said...

I am so impressed! I have been doing a very scaled down version of your experiment. We are headed out of town for a few days next weekend so I am trying to clear out the fridge of the leftovers. I would have to say I have been pretty creative so far and last night Jeremy thought I made this brilliant meal and it was all leftovers!

blueladybug said...

Bravo to you! What a great accomplishment. I don't think I could have done it.