Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Is Coming.... Beijing!

We were pleasantly surprised to see Christmas decorations appearing in a country that doesn't even celebrate Christmas. I kind of take it as a hospitable gesture to all of the foreigners that live here in Beijing. Most of the decorations we have seen have been in front of hotels. Here is a little tour of just a few things we have seen in our neighborhood quickly after Thanksgiving.
A full size nativity scene, now this was a shock!

Just another example of how there can never be too many lights at Christmas!

This one changes colors and those pillars next to it look like fireworks. This is in front of the LG Twin Towers (the lipstick shaped buidings you can see from our living room window)

The St. Regis hotel is very traditional and classy.

A cake at Dairy Queen. The chocolate sign says, "Merry S'mas"
 And below you will see the extent of our Christmas decorations...a little sad compared to what I am used to doing. We did not bring any decorations and I have not bought much since...
...we are going to America!!!
(just a little excited!)


Anonymous said...

I was scrolling down the page form picture to picture and I then came upon our Christmas Tree. I thought it was funny (laughed out loud) and sad at the same time.

Good post.


blindblogger said...

Wow that is a cool nativity! I like how you found the Christmas spirit in this city.

stephanie mackin said...

'We're commin' to America!" So exciting! We can't wait to visit :)