Friday, November 18, 2011

To Market We Go ~ Liangma Flower Market

This was a fun day! The four of us met up and went to the Liangma Flower Market. It is close to the Laitai Flower Market but smaller,  the vendors are nicer and it is not as intimidating.

Terry, Me and Rebecca
 The entire first floor is flower stalls. The smell was amazing. I vowed to go back every week for a fresh bouquet!

This beautiful arrangement cost 100 RMB ($15 USD)

I bought some roses and filler. It cost 30 RMB ($4.50 USD)
The boutique-like stalls offered more unique items and things that appealed to me. Below is a stall where you can design your own Bone China pattern. How cool would it be to have an entire set of china from China! It takes about 2-3 weeks and they offer every piece you can imagine. The cost for a dinner plate is 160 RMB ($24 USD) and 110 RMB ($15.50 USD) for salad plates. This is something I will do!
Some ideas of custom china

A great selection of ribbons. Always a favorite of mine.
 This market also had a wonderful selection of Christmas trees and decorations! I was in awe and missing all of my trees and decor back home. 

A place to buy "American Girl" dolls and clothes

Another favorite of mine! Apothecary jars!
 Time for lunch! Dumplings of course!

This was a good China day.


Unknown said...

that looks so fun! you look so great, jen! i love the picture of you holding the roses.

and, hello, the china thing? (as in plates :) ) unbelievable!! that's awesome!!! i can't wait to see what you choose!

Anonymous said...

Who is that hot Beijing mama with the flowers? oh, it is my wife. I am a lucky guy!


Liz R. said...

best post! how cool is that make your own china thing!? and have it be nice! you are looking skinny my friend.