Sunday, November 27, 2011

A picture worth a thousand words

Photo Credit: Kelsey Fox

What a wonderful world of technology we have!
On the day after Thanksgiving we were able to video Skype with my parents, nieces and brother. It is almost just like being there.

I love this picture because it is in my parent's kitchen. My family has always been "sitters around the kitchen table" meaning the meal is long and we linger after the food is over.

I love this picture because my dad looks so happy! You just don't get that kind of emotion over the phone.

I love this picture because it includes a niece from Michigan (snapping the shot), a niece from Long Beach, a brother from San Diego and parents from the Bay Area all talking to me in Beijing! At one point my brother had a friend from Long Island, NY on speaker and I was talking to him too.

I love this picture because they had just made homemade gnocchi with milanese (which is on my list of "must eats" when I go home in two weeks). I wish Skype had a taste feature. I will never take for granted my mom's ability to cook.

I love this picture because my parents are my two most favorite people in the world! I can't wait to spend a few days with just them, in my childhood home.

I love this picture because it allowed me to see a situation I was in from a different perspective, kind of surreal.

I just hope my niece was able to train my dad on Skype so we can have more opportunities like these. 
(hint hint Dad)

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