Saturday, January 28, 2012

An authentic Chinese lunch & MORE fireworks

One of the blessings about living here is having authentic Chinese experiences. I thought it might be interesting to share.
A koi pond in the entry hall of their apartment
 Hubby works with mostly Chinese people and this week we were asked over for lunch at one of his bosses homes.
A courtyard in a typical Chinese apartment complex
 Since it is Spring Festival, making dumplings was on the to do list.
 Taking a long roll of dough and breaking it off into small pieces.
 Roll and flatten with hand.
 This is the part that took a lot of experience. Using a small wooden rolling pin with one hand, and turning the dough with the other you flatten it out into circles.
 Next you fill the dough. This was a pork and leek mixture. Not too much or you can't close it up.
 Pinching it closed was the most difficult part for us "Westerners".
The dumplings were then steamed and served and were yummy!
Below is the dishes that Xia's wife spent all morning preparing. There must've been 18 dishes!

A cute way to hold your chopsticks

 A typical Chinese street outside of their apartment complex.

Hubby and a friend went outside of our province to stock up on MORE fireworks. We all got together to light them off.
 The  boxes above shoot off 100 blossoms into the sky. We spent a couple of hours shooting all of these off. 
Will we ever be done with fireworks?

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