Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chair Skating

It's cold here in Beijing and that means one thing...chair skating!
The people here in China have a few things figured out and this is one of them! Many parks have lakes or rivers and undoubtedly they freeze solid. Instead of strapping on tight, uncomfortable skates and end up on your rear you sit on a pallet-formed chair and use long screw drivers like ski poles to gain momentum. Genius and fun!

Our neighborhood park, RiTan Park, has this here now for 20 yuan. There is no time limit (unlike the US would be) , you can trade off in your family (also US would not do) and your family can be on the ice to push or take pictures (NEVER in the US!)
RiTan Park in the dead of winter

Chair Skating arena
 E & D had a lot of fun speedily scooting around.

Even hubby got in on the adventure. 
I did too! I mastered the 360!

Sadly, our brand new expensive camera had a defective memory card and ALL the great pics from our Chinese New Year adventures were lost! Boohoo! So all you get are my phone pics!

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